Dr. Finical Shares His Highlights

Between the physicians, aestheticians, nurse injectors, and staff at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we have seen many innovations in our careers and expect to see many more. Some new methods and products don’t measure up to our strict standards for patient safety and proven techniques, making it even more exciting when we find new ways to achieve the results our patients want and need.

Looking back over the past five years, three innovations we’ve adopted at CPS rise to the top of my list:


Using this local anesthetic during surgery means recovery with less pain – and less need for pain medication. Patients who used Exparel are overall more comfortable following surgery, and the reduced need for supplemental pain medicines means a quicker return to normal life with fewer uncomfortable side effects.


Our patients always want to know what they can expect following surgery, and Vectra offers a window into just that. This three-dimensional imaging system allows a patient to visualize breast augmentation results prior to surgery – on a 3-D rendering of her own body. The system virtually shows the exact size and type of implant on the patient’s 3-D image. Not only does this reduce the anxiety around breast implant surgery, but it helps our patients understand what size and shape they are truly looking to achieve.


This line of skin care products is the very best on the market. Compelling and honest research and testing of these products allow us to recommend them with confidence. SkinMedica offers a complete line of skin care products, but their unique, stand-out is TNS essential serum. This twice-a-day skin treatment contains viable growth factors combined with antioxidants that are clinically proven to protect and rejuvenate the skin. If I only had one skin care product to recommend, SkinMedica would be it.

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Dr. Stephan Finical