Dr. Finical Answers “When” and “How Often” To Apply Sun Screen on Fox 46!

Charlotte SkinMedicaHe’s at it again! Dr. Finical, as well as our entire staff, is passionate about raising more local awareness around skin protection during the spring and summer months. We believe that knowing the best products to keep your skin defended from the harm sun during your outdoors activities is of critical importance.

Have you recently taken account of what products you apply to your skin while outside? If you have, and if you are seeking new alternatives to what you currently use, you’d be interested in a recent Fox46 news segment featuring our own Dr. Finical detailing the “When” and “How Often” when it comes to product application in addition to the best products offered at Charlotte Plastic Surgery to keep you safe.

If you would like more information on sun defense and the best products to help you avoid problems like, sunburns or more complicated problems like skin cancer, please click the Fox46 station logo below:


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