Coming Soon: New Body Contouring Device CoolTone™ Receives FDA Clearance

When it comes to body contouring methods most are designed to target fat cells in some shape or form. CoolSculpting®, for example, is one popular method from Allergan that is used to freeze fat cells. Over the following weeks to months, a large portion of the frozen fat cells die and are processed by the body. Other forms of body contouring use injections and lasers to remove fat cells one way or another. However, improving upon your body’s current shape isn’t just about ridding it of stubborn fat cells. After all, a large portion of your body is made up of muscle tissue.

Tight, firm, muscles help offer your body a beautiful, athletic shape. For this kind of muscular contour, you need to focus on a different body contouring method. CoolTone™ vs CoolScultping®, another treatment from Allergan, focuses specifically on the muscle fiber in your body to help with this toning. Recently, CoolTone™ receives FDA clearance for specific areas of the body, so you can begin firming, strengthening, and improving the overall shape of muscles within your body.

cooltone receives fda clearance

Allergan’s Newest Technology: CoolTone™ Receives FDA Clearance

When it comes to cosmetic surgery and pharmaceuticals, Allergan is one of the largest in the world. Located in Dublin, Ireland, it has medical branches in nearly every major country around the globe. The company does produce a number of products for the medical sector ranging from eye care to gastroenterology. However, in terms of cosmetics (often referred to as medical aesthetics), Allergan is best known for CoolSculpting®, Botox®, Skinmedica®, and Juvederm Ultra. CoolTone™ receives FDA clearance is one of the latest treatment methods the company has produced that has now received clearance for use in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The technology used in the CoolTone™ by Allergan isn’t completely new. Similar methods have been used by other technology companies in the past, yet these methods were typically not as focused, nor did the treatment methods deliver the kind of desired results, which is why most never received FDA clearance.

CoolTone™ as a non-surgical device receives FDA clearance came about earlier in 2019 and is designed to target muscle fiber using what is known as magnetic muscle stimulation (or MMS). Essentially, forms of electromagnetic energy are shot into muscles, which leads to involuntary contractions. It would be like your abdominal muscles squeezing and relaxing repetitively for as long as the MMS is used.

Unlike other shock methods that have been used in the past to force muscles like the abs to contract and relax at a rapid pace, CoolTone™ forces a complete contraction and a tighter squeeze. Without the tight contraction, the muscle fibers do not receive the full workout needed to strengthen and tighten. Most consumer products that have used something similar would only force the top layer of a muscle to contract, and even the contraction was minimal at best. To tighten and tone your body, the full muscle needs to be engaged, which is what MMS via CoolTone™ does.

About CoolTone™ Treatment

The CoolTone treatment is an outpatient treatment. It isn’t all that different from the setup of CoolSculpting®. Your Skin Center professional will position you where they can best access the muscle (if you’re targeting your abs you will likely be laying flat, while if you’re targeting your glutes you will be laying on your stomach).

A want, which is shaped like a fat, handheld mirror, will be placed onto the skin above the muscles you want to target. The electromagnetic energy will then be sent into the muscles, causing rapid contractions.

During the treatment, your technician will move the want to different areas of the target muscle group to make sure the muscles are hit evenly by the MMS. Most muscle groups are made up of individual heads or different muscles, which need to be targeted at slightly different angles to make sure the muscles are targeted evenly.

For example, if you want to target your thighs to strengthen these muscles and to help achieve a toned leg, the technician will need to target several muscles. The front of your legs is made up of the quadriceps. As the name suggests, four main muscles make up the quads, which means each of the four muscles will need to be focused on. And, if you’re focusing on your thighs, you’ll likely touch on the backside of your legs, or the hamstrings, and the hamstrings are made up of three main muscles.

This means if you’re looking to tighten, tone, and strengthen the muscles running from your knees to your hips your technician will need to touch on seven main muscles per leg, and that doesn’t even include muscles in your gluteus.

CoolTone™  Results

Do not worry about the muscles in your target areas growing a significant amount. This is not something that will happen during a CoolTone™ treatment. The muscles will become tighter, firmer, and stronger, which will affect the look of the muscles, but in general, you won’t see much in the way of size change. For your muscles to grow larger you’ll need to target the muscles via weight training. Weight training will tear the muscle fiber. From there, you’ll want to increase your protein intake to repair the muscle fiber and grow the muscles larger.

With CoolTone™vs Emsculpt, you’ll achieve a similar look to if you practiced a more intense cardio workout, such as Pilates. With Pilates, you target a muscle group via cardio movements (kickboxing cardio works will do the same), which engages the fast-twitch muscle fiber. This, in turn, will help strengthen and tone the muscles, all without putting on size, weight, and bulk.

It is important to note everyone experiences CoolTone™ a bit differently. The way you react and respond to treatment will differ from the next person. However, unlike other body contouring services like CoolSculpting®, you don’t need to wait weeks before coming back in for further treatment sessions. Instead, you can come in twice a week (you should allow several days in between sessions as this will give your body some time to repair and recover, as your abs pulsing 5,000 times is akin to performing 5,000 sit-ups).

As you will be different from the next person you will want to consult the cosmetic professionals at The Skin Center by CPS. With the help of the offered consultation, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect and also what the best course of action is to ensure you achieve your desired physical appearance goal. So if you’re ready to take the next step, contact The Skin Center by CPS today.