CoolTone Body Sculpting

CoolTone™ Body Sculpting

cooltone deviceAll of the fat cells you have in your body right now are the same fat cells you were born with. It’s amazing how the body works this way, as even as you have grown and developed over the years the same fat cells you had as an infant you now have today.

Your body is unique. It is unique in the way it stores energy. When you consume calories that are not instantly used, the body will store these calories in fat cells for later consumption. While many bodies will store these calories in traditional areas, such as the belly, thighs, in the chest, and so on, there’s no specific location where the body will decide to keep these fat cells.

The body will also use the stored energy different from someone else. So while your body might immediately draw energy from fat stored in the chest, someone else’s body might pull on energy stored in their legs. This is as fascinating as it can be frustrating. You might have stubborn areas around your body that never seems to shed the fat storage.

No matter your diet or how you work out, it always remains the same. So what should you do? There are a handful of medical procedures you can consider, CoolTone™ Body Sculpting being one of them.

The CoolTone™ Procedure

It is important to not confuse this with CoolSculpting®. Yes, CoolTone™ Body Sculpting is very similar in terminology, and in many ways the process does share similarities. However, CoolTone™ Body Sculpting doesn’t just freeze fat within your body. It also helps improve muscle definition.

how cooltone works

In fact, CoolTone™ Body Sculpting doesn’t use any kind of freezing technology. CoolSculpting® will freeze the fat within a targeted area, which will result in the fat cells dying off and being processed by the body. Instead, with CoolTone™, the procedure is designed to help tone and strengthen your muscles. Now, you won’t become the next Arnold with this procedure, but it will help improve the physical appearance of muscles around your body.

How Does CoolTone™ Work

The procedure is done using what is known as magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS). During the procedure a small amount of electromagnetic energy is shot into the muscles. This causes the muscles to contract (like causing your muscle to pulse involuntary, which forces it to contract, relax, and then repeat itself). As your body does this it will strengthen the muscle fibers, which will help the muscles become more shapely and toned.

If you are worried about bulky muscles don’t be. Larger, bulky muscles occur when the muscle fibers are broken down and damaged after extensive weight training. When the muscle fibers are damaged and the individual consumes enough protein, the body will use the excess protein to rebuild the damaged fibers, causing the muscles to grow larger. CoolTone™ Body Sculpting does not tear down the fibers. Instead, it just makes the fibers stronger.

The technology has been FDA-cleared for use on three body areas: thighs, abs, and butt, although it is likely that the technology will be cleared for other areas of the body as well (after all, the muscle tissue in one area of the body is the same as muscle tissue in other areas).

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What is CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting®

CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting® comes from a company called Allergan. This name may sound familiar to you. If it does, it is because it not only produces CoolSculpting™, but because it also manufacturers BOTOX®, so it has been around the beauty industry for some time now.

The procedure itself does take on a similar process as CoolSculpting™. A wand-like device is used and placed over the muscles you are looking to tone. Of course, the sensation will be different from CoolSculpting®. Where CoolSculpting® uses a cooling-technique to freeze the fat tissue behind the skin, CoolTone™ will use electricity to pulse the muscles.

You may remember commercials for ab-belts from a few years ago where the belts would use electricity to pulse the abs. The concept of the belts is similar to what is done with CoolTone™ but the delivery and accuracy is different (there’s only so much MMS you can get from a consumer grade belt that costs $19.95 plus shipping).

During the procedure you will feel your muscles involuntarily pulse. It can feel a bit strange at first, but after a few moments you will become accustomed to the feeling. An experienced staff member will apply the CoolTone™ Body Sculpting and make sure the muscles are targeted evenly.

This way, if you’re targeting your abdominal section, all of the abs are targeted evenly, in order to help maintain a tight, tone, and universal look. This is extremely important and one of the reasons why you need to have a trained professional who knows how to work with the CoolTone™ device assist you through the procedure.

CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting® Before and After

As mentioned, CoolTone™ Body Sculpting is not going to drastically enhance the size of your muscles. If you’re interested in dramatically increasing the size of your muscles you will need to begin a workout regimen that includes heavy weight lifting and an adjusted diet designed to increase your protein intake. Instead, CoolTone™ is designed to give you a sleek, tighter looking muscle.

For example, if you decide to target your butt with CoolTone™, it will cause your booty to squeeze and contract, which will help strengthen the muscle fibers in the targeted area. This will not increase the size of your butt, but instead it will increase the firmness. It can help with some drooping as the muscle fibers are tighter as well.

So if you find the muscle fibers currently sag a bit, or you find it doesn’t bounce as you would like, after CoolTone™ Body Sculpting the muscle tissue will be firmer and taught, which can help deliver the appearance you’re interested in.

Cooltone Before AfterCooltone Before After

CoolTone™ Results

Results when using CoolTone™ will vary some from one person to the next. Every body will accept the MMS a little differently. It also depends on the state of your muscles and what you’re beginning with.

You will want to consult with the experts at The Skin Center by CPS. The team can give you a consultation and provide you with specifics for your body based on where it is at now and where you want it to go down the road.

Additionally, you may need to come in for multiple treatments. You’ll know more about how your body reacts to the treatment after the first session. You will not need to wait as long between treatments as you would with CoolSculpting™ though.

In fact, you can have multiple treatments scheduled likely during a single week (such as four treatments scheduled during a two-week period). Again, this will depend specifically on your own body and how it reacts.

CoolTone™ Abs

Cooltone Before After
Targeting your abdominal section is one of the most commonly requested areas. Abdominal work is difficult and yet it can affect just about all other strength training you perform. Having a tight, strong core is important, not to mention having a tight core can give you confidence.

When focusing on your abs it is important to have a reduced fat level here. If there is a thicker layer of fat currently over the abs using CoolTone™ won’t help reveal your beautiful abs. Instead, the layer of fat will need to be removed (like a cloth over a sculpture, you’ll need to take the cloth off before you can see the sculpture).

If you are struggling with removing some stubborn fat over your abs CoolSculpting® may be a procedure you want to consider prior to CoolTone™ Body Sculpting. If your abs are ready for this kind of procedure the core will be targeted. At the end of your session you will feel like you just went through a vigorous abdominal routine. Many patients say they can feel the difference in their core even after a single treatment.

It is important that after you go through treatments for your abs that you keep with training your core. Muscles need to be constantly targeted in order to maintain the tight, toned appearance. Your Skin Center professional can help come up with a plan for you to make sure you maintain the tight core look you’re going for.

CoolTone™ Muscle

You will want to talk with your Skin Center professional for exactly where on your body you can use CoolTone™ Body Sculpting. There are some areas where the CoolTone™ treatment will not work, due to either the location to certain organs or due to the very small nature of the muscles. Your Skin Center professional will be able to go over where the CoolTone™ device can be used on your body.

CoolTone™ CoolSculpting® Center

If you are interested in learning more about CoolTone™ Body Sculpting or you are ready to go schedule your very first CoolTone™ Treatment, you will want to contact the team at The Skin Center by CPS. From a consultation to your first treatment, you and your body are in excellent, professional hands.

Real Patient CoolTone™ Reviews

“So, I just completed Cooltone treatments on my bum. I can’t believe the results! I can already feel the difference and see the changes in my clothes. They are amazing! They are knowledgeable, informative and patient. I completed Coolsculpting on my abdomen and inner thighs about a year ago. I am extremely happy with my results. When I first read about Cooltone I immediately contacted expert at Charlotte Plastic Surgery to find out more information and if I am a candidate. Good news I am a candidate and I am thrilled with my results. I can already feel my bum is lifted and firmer. The treatment only takes 30 min and is painfree. I’m going to start on my legs next.”
-Kelly W.

“I had CoolTone to my thighs and the experience was great! They were thorough in explaining the treatment and helped me feel comfortable and at ease. The treatment itself was quick and 100% painless – I sat comfortably while the muscles in my legs effortlessly contracted and released. My legs look more chiseled and toned now, and I can’t wait to go back for my next treatment!”
-Real TSC Patient

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