Looking to Bust that Double Chin? Learn About CoolSculpting vs Kybella

When looking in the mirror, does a double chin stare back at you? Finding the right camera angle to hide your turkey neck during Zoom meetings got you distracted? Even in its mildest form, the extra skin and fatty tissue under your chin may be enough to cause some social anxiety as well as make you feel self-conscious. While you shouldn’t, as this is a natural part of aging that many people deal with, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it.

Some double chins can be treated with a basic exercise and healthy diet plan, but as there is only a small amount of fatty tissue in this area of the body when compared to the rest of your body, fat often doesn’t leave the face until your body fat percentage is significantly low. And in other cases, a double chin might be due to the skin in this area of your face losing elasticity and starting to droop. Whatever the culprit is, there are ways to treat the situation. Two options you might like to consider are known as CoolSculpting and Kybella. But what is the difference, and which is right for you? Here is everything you need to know about CoolSculpting vs Kybella.

What Is Kybella

Kybella is the brand name for deoxycholic acid (probably better known as cholanoic acid). While it might sound like something invented in a lab, deoxycholic acid is naturally produced within your digestive system. It is specifically used by your body to break down certain foods (such as fat). So, the medical cosmetic community has designed these kinds of acids to, essentially, replicate what the body does naturally. It is also one of the most popular products in the skincare industry right now.

The FDA has approved Kybella for use under the chin specifically. The acidic compound of Kybella is injected into the area of stubborn fat, the acid will break down the fat, which dissolves inside your body, then processed and pushed through your body, just like any other dead tissue. While there are multiple ways to target your double chin fat, Kybella is a very quick and effective way to treat the double chin, especially if you have mild to the moderate buildup of fat below the chin (which is also known as submental fat).

The number of treatments you require will depend on how your body responds to the injection and the amount of submental fat found under your chin. In more extreme cases, you may require upwards of four to six sessions (each session consists of multiple injections). Treatments are usually spaced out with a month between sessions. Most patients require two to three injections to achieve their desired goal. The average treatment for mild to moderate submental fat – the first treatment eliminates the majority of fat, the second round is to treat any additional areas that may require more refining, a third session is often to sculpt a more defined profile for those who may desire it. The total injection treatments required may best be determined after the results from the first session are realized.

Kybella Patient Results

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What is CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved method of “freezing” fat. While it was not specifically designed just for under the chin (it successfully treats several areas of the body), it is an effective way to target fat under the chin.

CoolSculpting is a topical procedure (so no injections) that freezes the fat cells. While frozen, the fat cells cannot receive blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to live, so; eventually, the fat cells will die off. It can take several months for the full results of a CoolSculpting session to take effect, and subsequent sessions might be required to obtain your desired result. However, it’s non-invasive and an excellent choice for individuals who simply do not like the look of needles.

CoolSculpting Patient Results

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CoolSculpting vs Kybella

Both CoolSculpting and Kybella are safe and effective methods of reducing the fat under your chin. Kybella uses needles to dissolve the fat, while CoolSculpting freezes the fat. So if you do not like needles, CoolSculpting is probably the way to go for you.

For smaller amounts of fat storage under the chin, Kybella might be the way to go as results from the first series of injections can be realized in just a few weeks, while it can take several months for full results of CoolSculpting to be realized. However, if you have a larger amount of fat storage under the chin and need to space out your visits accordingly, you might have better luck with CoolSculpting because with Kybella, you’ll need to come in once a month for possibly up to six months.

In certain cases, a skin health professional may recommend other treatment methods based on the amount of fat under the chin. Skin laxity is one such reason. If there is a significant amount of fat and removing this fat would result in skin laxity, (sagging skin) a skin tuck might be more beneficial in achieving the desired correction. In such cases, surgery may be the more suitable option to consider; such as liposuction to remove the fat, combined with a skin tuck to remove excess skin. These two procedures may be performed simultaneously, although this option is only for certain cases. The best way to determine whether Coolsculpting vs Kybella is right for you – is to see your skin health professional.

Discover What’s Best For You With A Skincare Consultation

There are numerous ways for you to treat just about any skin condition or beauty concern that you may have, including a double chin. After a consultation, we will help determine whether CoolSculpting vs Kybella is best for you. Of course, there are other options as well. The best way to ensure if a treatment will target your area of concern is to give us a call at The Skin Center by CPS and schedule a consultation.

During the consultation, we’ll assess your condition, review your desired goal and timeline, offer treatment options, then together we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that best suits your needs. We will answer any questions or concerns, and also discuss realistic expectations and the appropriate recovery time required to ensure positive results are achieved. So, if you have a dreaded, double chin that you’ve been wanting to treat for some time, but just didn’t know you had options, now you do and it all begins with one call to The Skin Center by CPS.