Our Guide to the Top CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

We all have those stubborn little areas around the body that just don’t want to cooperate. You put in the work, exercise, eat right, and yet those little spots remain. It may get to the point where it’s all you can focus on while looking at yourself in the mirror. Thankfully, those annoying little stubborn areas don’t need to remain there for long. With the help of our CoolSculpting, our staff here at The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery can target these areas and help rid the body of pesky fat cells once and for all.

Wondering if your desired target area is something we service? Chances are it is, but to help, here is our guide to the top CoolSculpting treatment areas.

Top CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

Love Handles

It’s no surprise that the most popular treatment area on the body is the love handles. This is a trouble area for many people as the body often stores excess fat in this particular area. Why? While everyone is different, the middle of the body generally stores the most fat because it is central from head to toe. So the body doesn’t become top-heavy or sluggish in the legs, making it easier for the body to pull on the necessary energy stored within the fat cells and distribute it throughout the body. Your body is in continuous storing mode. If love handles are your problem area, we’ll help you out with that.

CoolSculpting (Love Handles Area) Patient Results

coolsculpting case 31


Not to be outdone by the love handles, the stomach is right up there in terms of problem areas and is one of the most popular areas to receive the CoolSculpting treatment. Much like the love handles, the body stores excess energy in the body’s midsection, which is why this is such a trouble spot for many people. Love handles, abdomen, lower back, if there is a trouble spot in this area of the body, CoolSculpting might be the perfect way to help reduce fat cells in the area.

CoolSculpting (Stomach Area) Patient Results



The dreaded double-chin is one of those areas that several people struggle with. It can also take a wrecking ball to your overall confidence. Even the fittest people can sometimes struggle with this area, especially as the body ages. While you grow older, your body’s skin loses its elasticity, which can cause some skin to droop. If there are any excess fat cells in the chin and neck area, it will begin to sag, which can give you that double-chin look. It also makes it one of the top CoolSculpting treatment areas we see.

CoolSculpting (Chin Area) Patient Results

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More specifically, the upper arm area is one of the more common areas we see. This is because as the body ages, the skin around your arms may begin to sag, resulting in what is often referred to as bat wings. Even if you don’t have a large amount of excess skin, but there is some jiggling, you may feel self-conscious about your arms. After a few CoolSculpting treatments, you’ll be able to go out, wear tank tops, and raise your arms with confidence without worrying about any swinging skin. Just because it is a common occurrence with individuals as they age does not mean you should accept it as a way of life.


The largest muscles in the body are found in the legs. Additionally, some of the largest fat storage amounts can be found in the thighs (specifically the upper portion of the thighs). With its proximity to the abdomen, excess energy can easily be stored here when it is not consumed and burned by the body. Having any kind of excess weight in the thighs is not only something that might play with your confidence, but it can also make some clothes difficult to fit into, even if every other part of your body slides in perfectly. With CoolSculpting, we’ll target your thighs, and, with a few painless treatments, we’ll work with you in targeting this problem area and ridding the fat storage from your legs.

CoolSculpting (Thighs Area) Patient Results

CoolSculpting Thighs


Bra Bulge

If you’ve been properly fitted for a bra and yet you still have skin poking out around the fabric along your back, you may assume there are no options available to you. Dealing with this can be frustrating as you shop for different bras or attempt to mask the bulging around the straps. The only real way to reduce this bra bulge and smooth out your back is to cut down on your back’s fatty tissue. For some, the back is an area that stores a large amount of excess fat energy, causing the bulging. However, even the most in-shape individuals suffer from this kind of an issue, regardless of body size, weight type. This is where CoolSculpting comes in.

With CoolSculpting, it is possible to target this pesky area of the body and freeze the fat cells around the back. This will help with the removal of the stubborn fat cells from your back. In the end, you can worry no longer if you have bulges showing in your back because of your bra.

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CoolSculpting can do wonders! However, the best way to determine whether it works for you is to schedule a consultation. While in-person, we may find there is a better alternative that will target those pesky areas. But that’s the beauty of our free, no-pressure consultation. You’ll come in, we’ll analyze the situation, and then we will recommend what we believe to be the best possible treatment plan to help you achieve your goals, whether that is with CoolSculpting or if other treatments may work better for you.

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