How Do Tennis Players Protect Their Skin?

“I am an avid tennis player and love being outside. So what is the best sunscreen for tennis players to protect yourself from the harmful elements of the sun? From my experience in this field with Charlotte Plastic Surgery, I know one of the most important things is a great sunscreen and use it every day.

I love Elta MD Physical. This has a slight tint that I love and I don’t need to wear a foundation. I always wear a hat that has an SPF this allows better protection of my skin and keeps the sun out of my eyes, so I can see those high lob shots. Sunday Afternoon has a great selection. Reapplication of the best sunscreen for tennis players is key if you are playing longer than 2 hours. At the end of the day, I wash my face with a Gentle Cleanser from SkinMedica apply TNS Essential Serum and Retinol. Yes, even in the summer I use a Retinol.

These products will help protect me from the environmental damages from sun exposure as well as fight those fine lines and wrinkles. Lastly, in the Fall/Winter when I am no longer in the sun. I will clean up any damage that has occurred with BBL (Broad Band Light) treatment.” – Charlotte Plastic Surgery Nurse Injector