Dr. Finical on Why Lifestyle Lift Failed

charlotte plastic surgery Why did Lifestyle Lift fail? With 40 different offices nationwide and with Debbie Boone singing their praises, how could Lifestyle Lift, which offered a minimally invasive operation with relatively no down time and such beautiful results have possibly failed? I think the lesson we can all learn from this is that mass advertising of a “one size fits all” solution for facial rejuvenation is a flawed business model. In this industry, all that glitters is not necessarily gold, so our team at Charlotte Plastic Surgery wants to provide you with more information on this shocking turn of events.

First of all, the advertising campaign would suggest that an outstanding result could be obtained with a very simple surgery with a minimal recovery and this one size fits all approach to patients does not account for people’s natural differences and does not lend itself well to customization. Maybe the other more important lesson that can be learned from the failure of Lifestyle Lift is that the doctor/patient relationship is still important.

In this era of more and more specialization and third party intrusion into our health care, the relationship of the doctor and the patient remains the most important factor. A patient that is pursuing particularly cosmetic surgery, which is very much operator dependent, needs to choose a physician who is well trained, well reviewed and has experience.

Ways that patients can look into this would be checking with the North Carolina Medical Board to review any complaints, the American Board of Plastic Surgery can confirm Board certification and rigorous training of not only residency training but a series of examinations to confirm competency and then finally reviews from other patients. 75% of our patients come to us by word of mouth so relationships are really key to successful patient care in the cosmetic arena.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery has enjoyed 64 years of existence here to treat patients in the Charlotte area. That gives us 50 years and counting more experience than Lifestyle Lift ever had. The single most important thing in our philosophy here is to take care of the patient first. I think as long as we maintain that we will be here another 64 years at least. I think the difference in the approach to patient care between Lifestyle Lift and Charlotte Plastic Surgery speaks volumes to why we remain successful.