Real Stories, Real People: Trying Fillers for the Very First Time

Have you ever wanted to enhance your lips but were afraid to face the needle? Today we hear from Kristin, a real CPS patient & employee who conquered her fears of Charlotte lip fillers and tried lip injections for the very first time.

charlotte lip fillers

What had you heard about filler before having it done?

  • I had always wanted a little more shape to my lips but never tried filler because of the pictures I saw in the media. A lot of celebrities’ lips look “over-filled” and you can tell right away that they’ve had something done. I was worried that my lips might look too inflated and that my friends would know that I had something done.

What were you most nervous about / what was your biggest fear about having filler?

  • I was definitely worried about the pain. I’m not a huge fan of needles, so the thought of having one in my face sounded pretty scary. I also didn’t want my lips to be swollen and bruised afterward because I have a very demanding work schedule and didn’t want my coworkers and clients to know.

How were those fears addressed / what did you learn?

  • I couldn’t have been more wrong about both of my fears. My Registered Nurse Injector was so kind and understanding. She listened to my concerns, showed me before & after photos so I could visualize the look I wanted and explained exactly what she was going to do to reach my goals. And I was shocked at how much it didn’t hurt. She put a numbing cream on my lips and she had the steadiest hands I’ve ever seen. It was all over before I knew it and I was immediately thrilled with the subtle, beautiful contour she gave my lips. I learned a lot and was really pleased.

How did your experience change the way you think about having filler?

  • Honestly? I can’t believe how wrong I was about lip injections. It really wasn’t as big of a deal as I had imagined. I didn’t have bruised lips afterward either – I only had a little bit of subtle swelling for a few hours which went away with some ice application. I went back to work the same day and none of my co-workers noticed. One friend said “Ooh, I really like that lip color on you” but they didn’t know what I had done. Now I understand that having filler doesn’t mean big cartoon lips, it just means you can enhance what you already have. The next time I hear one of my friends say “I would never do that”, now I can tell them about how great my experience was.

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