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At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, our providers are passionate about what they do and always seek to achieve clinical excellence. It’s our goal to provide our clients not only with the most outstanding outcomes, like the best natural-looking rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC, but also with the highest standards of safety, the shortest recovery periods, and the smoothest surgical experiences. In pursuit of this goal, we are proud to remain actively involved within our industry, keeping abreast of the latest techniques and medical innovations.

One way we maintain our status as one of the leading plastic surgery practices in the country is through participation in professional associations, such as the Rhinoplasty Society. Our own Dr. Stephan Finical is a member of this illustrious group— in fact, he’s the only surgeon in Charlotte who can make this claim. We’d love to spend a few moments telling you more about this important affiliation and how it enables us to provide the best natural-looking rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC.

best natural looking rhinoplasty in charlotte nc

Charlotte Plastic Surgery Provides The Best Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC

Our Connection to the Rhinoplasty Society

The Rhinoplasty Society is a prestigious and discerning group, with its membership spanning just 150 of the top plastic surgery professionals across the world. Each of these members are specialists in complex procedures involving the nose, whom pride themselves on providing the best natural-looking rhinoplasty results.

Rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the most complicated and challenging of all cosmetic procedures, and the members of this Society— including rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Stephan Finical— are dedicated to improving its methodologies and its standards of quality. They accomplish this through a free exchange of knowledge and skills with one another.

Entry into this group is no easy task. Only the most renowned cosmetic surgeons are invited, and they have to go through a rigorous period of vetting and testing to be accepted. The group’s intention is that its membership includes only the very best, most high-achieving professionals in the field of rhinoplasty. Criteria for entry into the Rhinoplasty Society is very strict.

Dr. Finical is honored to be a member of this group and champions the idea that rhinoplasty surgeons can provide superior patient outcomes through education, collaboration, and research. He attends the group’s annual meetings to share in all the latest technologies and techniques. His inclusion in this group qualifies him as one of the most forward-thinking and innovative “nose job” surgeons in the world.

The bottom line for our patients: As you look for the best natural-looking rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC, it’s critical to find a rhinoplasty surgeon who can offer the latest, most sophisticated techniques. Charlotte Plastic Surgery is uniquely suited for this, and Dr. Finical’s involvement with the Rhinoplasty Society is a big part of that.

rhinoplasty society member dr. stephan finical

Seeking Natural Looking Rhinoplasty Results

Incidentally, this move toward “natural-looking rhinoplasty” is a pretty big deal in cosmetic surgery circles. One of the most significant beauty trends of the last few years has been an increased drive toward results that look naturalistic and not overly “done.” More and more patients are coming to us asking for subtle changes that bring the elements of their face into greater proportionality, but also offer plausible deniability.

This is inherently delicate work, and it requires the skilled hands of surgeons who are well-versed in the latest rhinoplasty techniques. Indeed, as you seek a cosmetic surgeon to provide a subtle and natural-looking nose job, it’s important to vet them and make sure they have the knowledge and experience required for superior results.

For any patients who are looking for a surgeon who can deliver these results, we’d offer a few general guidelines and recommendations to rhinoplasty surgery.

  1. First, interview a cosmetic surgeon and be sure to ask about their education, experience level, and any professional affiliations. You are not overstepping your bounds when you do so. Any time you’re looking to have surgery, you have every right to dig deeper into the provider’s credentials, ensuring you’re selecting someone who is truly up to the task at hand.
  2. If you’re not totally satisfied with the first provider you speak with, it’s okay to keep looking! We actually have a number of patients who request to speak with multiple providers here at CPS, helping them find the person who seems like the best fit for their procedure. If you’d like to meet a couple of different CPS providers, just let us know!
  3. Make sure you have a full consultation with your provider, and that you go over your wishes and expected outcomes. Your provider should adopt a collaborative role here, working with you to make sure you’re both on the same page about the result you’re trying to achieve plus what the rhinoplasty procedure will be like for you.natural looking rhinoplasty surgery consultationFor a quick reference, check out this blog to help answer your rhinoplasty procedure questions, like do nose jobs hurt?
  4. In addition to the end results, also ask your provider to explain the details of the procedure, the specific instructions for your nose job recovery and aftercare, and more. It’s so important to find a provider with whom you feel comfortable, and whose communication style sets you at ease.
  5. It’s also important to always be thinking about safety. Patient safety is a big emphasis at CPS, and it’s something that Dr. Finical and his peers are passionate about. During your consultation, make sure you ask any questions you may have about how to properly prepare for a safe rhinoplasty procedure.
  6. Finally, a word of warning: while it can sometimes be tempting to seek “cheap” cosmetic surgery options overseas, this can ultimately be a dangerous idea. Not all surgeons submit to credible medical review boards or professional affiliations. Double and triple check that the surgeon you choose is held accountable to a reputable medical organization.


Learn More About Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC

At CPS, our entire team is enthusiastic about providing patients with results they’ll love, and experiences that are safe and smooth. Membership in groups like the Rhinoplasty Society is just one part of that.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to rhinoplasty, we encourage you to contact our office at your next convenience. Set up a consultation with a Charlotte Plastic Surgery provider at your next opportunity.