FaceliftForehead Lift

  • PATIENT DETAILS: Registered nurse from outside the area, referred by her daughter (also a registered nurse) who lives in Charlotte
  • REASONS FOR CHOOSING PROCEDURE(s): Had concerns about aging and the tired look to her face. At a transition point in her life where she wanted to improve her appearance. She had originally had undergone laser resurfacing of her face but still wanted a more aggressive treatment of the signs of facial aging and wrinkling.
  • PROCEDURE(s): Forehead lift, Facelift
  • SURGERY DETAILS: Underwent a brow lift endoscopically, upper and lower eye lifts, and a facelift with special attention to the bands in her neck. She had some of her own fat injected into the nasolabial folds and the edges of her lips to better define her lip lines.
  • RESULTS/BENEFITS: Recovered locally at her daughter’s home, returned home a week later and has been very happy with the results
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