Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos Charlotte Plastic Surgery

  • PATIENT DETAILS: 5’6”, 120 lbs.
  • PROCEDURE(s): Subglandular augmentation mammaplasty (Breast augmentation)
  • SURGERY DETAILS: Increased breast size from 34A to 34C, performed peri-areolar incision, implanted with Natrelle smooth round Style 15 339cc gel implants
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Breast augmentation gives you the opportunity to completely change your breast shape, volume, and form, creating a flattering new look. This process entails using breast implants to increase the size of your breasts and also to revive breast volume, which might have been reduced due to pregnancy, overall aging or weight reduction.

Understand Breast Augmentation Surgery Options

During a breast augmentation consultation, incision choices will be discussed between a patient and their plastic surgeon. However, incisions will be made in inconspicuous areas to hide scarring. There are many choices when it comes to breast implants and this is a decision our plastic surgeons make with you during your consultation. The size and kind of implant is dependent upon multiple factors like your preferred increase in size, but also on your body, skin elasticity and overall physique. There are online resources and tools that will assist you in understanding your choices with breast augmentation, but it can be tough to know which source to trust. Our board-certified plastic surgeons can answer any questions you may have in detail and one-on-one.

Are you a candidate for breast augmentation?

Many women are interested in breast augmentation surgery for many different reasons, but not every woman is a viable candidate. At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we’re as passionate a successful outcome as we are for patient safety, so we carefully assess our patients during a private consultation with one of our talented breast augmentation plastic surgeons to be sure they’re a match for breast enhancement.

Patients that make great breast augmentation candidates are:

  • In great general health, with fully developed breasts
  • Bothered from the sense that their breasts are too little
  • Concerned that they’ve lost shape and volume after pregnancy, overall aging or weight loss
  • Unhappy with all the upper portion of their breasts seeming “empty”
  • Worried that their breasts are not exactly the exact same shape or dimensions (called asymmetry)

In a pre-surgery consultation with your breast augmentation plastic surgeon, you will learn more about whether you’re a qualified candidate for a successful and safe breast augmentation surgery.

Is Breast Augmentation the Right Solution?

For people who are looking for an increased breast volume, breast augmentation is probably the way to proceed — but what about women that are fine with their volume, yet are concerned about the deflated or sagging shape of their breasts? For these women, our surgeons normally recommend a breast lift, also called a mastopexy.

Some women might desire to get both procedures done, while some may only need one or the other. When you meet with your surgeon for a consultation, you will get a better idea about the process and figure out which solution best fits your preferred results.

One other important note is that breast augmentation technology is constantly evolving. At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we stay up to date on the latest developments and offer our patients the most advanced breast augmentation surgery and breast implant options.

Some of these newest breast implant technology can:

  • Provide a better, custom breast shape
  • Supply better augmentation matches to your desired dimensions, volume and shape
  • Give more control of breast contour
  • Increased longevity of results
  • Provide better outcomes with smaller incisions
  • Provide higher standards of patient safety


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