Advanced Corrective Peel: Relief for Pigmentation

advanced corrective peel resultsRecently we demoed a new peel on one of our Coordinators–the advanced corrective peel. The Advanced Corrective Peel is recommended for patients who desire textural and discoloration correction. We are amazed at the results!

Leslee has Melasma, which are brown patches on the face. In the past, she tried several different peels and products with little to no improvement. Leslee has had two peels spaced four weeks apart from each other. We were amazed at the results after the first peel and did not expect the second to be as dramatic, but it was.

The Advanced Corrective Peel should be performed four weeks apart from each other in a series of four treatments. The combination of ingredients makes the Advanced Corrective Peel suitable for those with moderate discoloration, uneven skin texture, and large pores. The patient will experience mild discomfort during the application of peel and possible discomfort for one-to-two days post peel. Peeling usually occurs by the third day and will continue up to and sometimes after six days. Don’t worry – the results are worth it. The use of mild facial cleansers and moisturizers are recommended for the first five-to-seven days.

This peeel may not be suitable for someone new to peels or to medical grade skin care products. Consult with one of our Skin Health Professionals to find out if you are a candidate for the Advance Corrective Peel. For more information, you can reach out team at (704) 837-0351 today!