Top 5 Plastic Surgery Trends for 2018

Every year about this time, we look back and see where we have been and look ahead to see where we are going. In 2017, we saw a lot of new products and technology hit the market and some will no doubt trend through 2018 thanks to their impressive results and proven effectiveness.  Based on what our patients are saying, here are our predictions regarding plastic surgery trends for 2018.

Facial Fillers and Implant Fillers

plastic surgery trends for 2018

2017 was the year of facial fillers or injectables, with all kinds of celebrities showing off their new cheeks, lips, jawlines, and smooth brows.  And it’s no surprise they’re so trendy – injectables have become more advanced, providing more control over smoothing & shaping, and also last much longer. We saw an increase in nose shaping with the popular “liquid nose job”, and a steady stream of women seeking lip enhancement and cheek contouring.  One of the most exciting new injectable options that came out is Instalift, an “implantable filler” that helps with volume enhancement plus facial repositioning such as in the lower face and along the jawline. Its popularity is quickly growing and we expect to see more of it, and injectables in general, next year.


Breast Implants – The Newest Cohesive Gel

The plastic surgery trends for breast implants are revolving around cohesive gel implants.

Implants have been undergoing continual advancements for years, and next year will be no different.  During the last half of 2017, the industry saw a new generation of cohesive gel or “gummy” implants that allow surgeons and patients to have much more control of the shape of their breasts.  These more highly cohesive implants hold their shape better than earlier generations of silicone gel breast implants and can maintain more upper breast fullness, providing women with a desirable breast shape without looking “unnaturally round”.  We will definitely see patients taking advantage of this new implant technology next year.


Silkpeel® Dermalinfusion – The Ultimate Facial Treatment

Silkpeel dermalinfusion is the latest plastic surgery trend for deep skin cleaning.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, trust us, you will.  SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion by Envy Medical has steadily become one of our most popular treatments and sought after services. In fact, SilkPeel was just awarded the 2017 Diamond Crystal Award for Top Skin Care Device by Aesthetic Everything, the # 1 social media site for the entire beauty industry.  SilkPeel’s patented 3-in-1 technology is unlike any other device on the market: it exfoliates with a gentle diamond tip, vacuums dirt and impurities from inside your pores, and it infuses your skin with hydrating serums, all simultaneously.  The result is smoother, brighter, more hydrated, luminous skin that looks amazing and feels great.  Everyone is talking about this treatment and we predict that it will soon become the talk of the beauty industry in 2018.


Non-surgical Skin Tightening – Thermi RF

Non-surgical face lifts are a 2018 plastic surgery trend that is here to stay.

One of the most interesting industry advancements was in non-surgical skin tightening.  Areas of the body that previously required surgery to improve loose or sagging skin, such as the lower face, neck, or above the knee, are now being addressed with the use of radio-frequency heat.  Specifically, the ThermiRF device has been gaining traction as one of the most sought-after tools in physician’s offices across the country because of its ability to tighten and rejuvenate skin without cutting, anesthesia, or sutures.  ThermiRF also has a broad range of variations and applications: disabling sweat glands in the underarms for excessive sweating (ThermiDry), tightening and toning skin on the face and neck (ThermiSmooth), and even in the area of feminine rejuvenation with minimizing urinary incontinence, dryness, and improving vaginal sensitivity (ThermiVa).  We foresee radio-frequency heat application devices such as this becoming widespread in 2018 thanks to great results and minimal downtime.


Non-surgical Fat Reduction

Non-surgical fat removal is a dramatic plastic surgery trend that will continue to thrive in 2018.

Everyone has heard of CoolSculpting® by now, but interest isn’t going anywhere but up.  In fact, thanks to technological advancements that have improved patient comfort and shortened treatment length by almost half the time, CoolSculpting is getting even more popular than it was a year or two ago.  Along with Kybella, an injectable fat-dissolving solution, non-surgical fat reduction options are one of the most asked for treatments in plastic surgery.  In fact, new options are being developed all the time.  Currently undergoing clinical trials is a topical fat reducer, XAF5 that is proving to be safe and effective to reduce under-eye bags. We foresee this product on the market in 2018 believe it will offer yet another tool to treat stubborn fatty areas.

Last year was a great year for innovation and we saw a lot of amazing advancements change the plastic surgery landscape.  We expect that trend to continue to provide us more tools, both surgical and non-surgical, to give our patients elegant rejuvenation results.  We hope you enjoyed our top 5 plastic surgery trends for 2018.  To learn more about these devices or to schedule a consultation to explore your options, call (704) 372-6846.