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Few decisions are as personal as breast surgery in Charlotte NC.
The reasons may be varied and often complex, but once the decision is made,
breast surgery in Charlotte NC with one of our surgeons makes the entire experience as
simple, comfortable, and seamless as it can be.


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“When I had my breast surgery, during all of my visits, everyone was so kind and supportive. The nurses and anesthesiologists were so sweet and understanding, and my doctor was warm, comforting, and knowledgeable as ever.”

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“I met my doctor and his team and INSTANTLY fell in love with them. I came to the consultation with a list of questions prepared but didn’t even have to pull it out. They were so knowledgeable and informative, that before I even asked my questions they were all answered.”

you can’t control gravity or time, but you can control their effects

“I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience! I’m in zero pain, the swelling isn’t bad, and even right after surgery, my breasts look AMAZING! I highly recommend the doctors and team at Charlotte Plastic Surgery – I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

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“I met my surgeon at Charlotte Plastic Surgery after consulting with two other breast surgeons. I knew from that first appointment that he was who I wanted, and I canceled a consultation I had planned with another surgeon.”