Meet Dr. Jack Scheuer: One of Our Mommy Makeover Specialists

As any mom will tell you, having children is an incredible gift. But it can also take a real toll on your body. One of the most common inquiries we hear at Charlotte Plastic Surgery is from women who are done having children, and simply want to regain something of their pre-pregnancy physique. We are happy to help them, offering a service we call the Mommy Makeover (though you do not have to be a mother to qualify).

Today, we want to highlight one of our team members, Dr. Jack Scheuer, who specializes in this field. Take a moment to get to know this Mommy Makeover specialist, and then find out more about what this service entails.

Meet Our Mommy Makeover Specialist, Dr. Jack Scheuer

Dr. Scheuer always knew that, somehow or another, he would end up in medicine.

Growing up in Camden, South Carolina, one of his first mentors was his father, who worked as an internal medicine physician. Dr. Scheuer was equally inspired by his mother, an artist. These twin influences gave him a burning desire to help other people, but also a genuine appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. “I’ve always respected her eye for symmetry and balance,” Dr. Scheuer says of his mother. “Plastic surgery allows me to take advantage of my own artistic side and enhance the natural beauty of each individual.”

Today, Dr. Scheuer’s practice is marked by that aesthetic eye, as well as his deep level of personal investment in the outcome of every single patient. “There’s nothing better than seeing a patient’s renewed confidence after a procedure,” comments Dr. Scheuer. “It’s the greatest reward possible.”


Dr. Scheuer earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia… just like his father before him. (It’s a family tradition: Dr. Scheuer has three siblings who also graduated from UVA.) He went on to earn his medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina.

He then relocated to Dallas upon being chosen to train in the highly competitive general and plastic surgery residency programs at the University of Texas Southwestern. This represents one of the nation’s top plastic surgery training programs. Dr. Scheuer was asked to join the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, one of the most prestigious organizations in the medical academy. He also won the highly sought-after Bostwick Award at the Atlanta Breast Symposium.

After completing his residency, Dr. Scheuer further honed his skills by joining a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, focusing on aesthetic surgery. During his time in New York City, he was able to train with some of the most recognized plastic surgeons in the world and to operate his own aesthetic surgery practice.

Today, Dr. Scheuer contributes regularly to peer-reviewed journals and is recognized both for his clinical skill as well as for his compassionate approach to patient care.

Personal Life

When he isn’t treating patients at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, our resident Mommy Makeover specialist enjoys snow skiing, reading, cooking, playing tennis, and spending time with family. He is married to Jennifer, a registered nurse, and together they love spending time outside with their rescue dogs. And while they enjoy traveling, they are ultimately thrilled to be living in the Carolinas, close to so many friends and family members.

Fast Facts

A quick rundown of Dr. Scheuer’s academic credentials:

  • Undergraduate: University of Virginia – Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina – Charleston, South Carolina
  • General Surgery Residency: The University of Texas Southwestern – Dallas, Texas
  • Plastic Surgery Residency: The University of Texas Southwestern – Dallas, Texas
  • Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship: Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital – New York, New York

Professional achievements:

  • Awarded the Bostwick Award at The Atlanta Breast Symposium
  • A frequent contributor to various peer-reviewed journals and publications
  • Member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
  • Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

What is a Mommy Makeover?

We have noted that Dr. Scheuer is an in-house Mommy Makeover specialist here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, but what exactly does that mean?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can lead to a number of unwanted changes in a woman’s body. Often, even the most dedicated diet and exercise are insufficient for reversing these changes. Through plastic surgery, women can return to the way they looked before having kids, potentially regaining some of their self-confidence, in the process.

A Mommy Makeover is simply a series of surgeries that we perform at the same time, with the intention of helping the patient capture her desired aesthetic goals in a single session. The specifics of the Mommy Makeover can vary depending on the patient’s needs and objectives, but will typically include some combination of the following:

  • Breast augmentation. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can often result in a loss of breast volume. Implants can be used to provide the breasts with a natural-looking fullness.
  • Breast lift. A breast lift can be used to correct breasts that have become saggy or nipples that have fallen below the breast fold.
  • Breast reduction. Some moms actually need to lose some breast volume, something we are happy to help with.
  • Tummy tuck. A tummy tuck can produce a tighter, smoother abominable area and strengthen the stomach wall, which is often damaged in childbirth.
  • Liposuction. Lipo is one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted fat cells from the body, providing a more contoured appearance.

To talk more about the specifics of your Mommy Makeover, we invite you to contact Charlotte Plastic Surgery. Dr. Scheuer and our other board-certified physicians are all prepared to listen to your concerns and help you develop a treatment plan that will be both safe and effective. With Mommy Makeovers, you can choose the exact procedures that will help you attain your desired outcomes, all with the guidance of our in-house Mommy Makeover specialist.

Ready to learn more? Contact Charlotte Plastic Surgery and make an appointment with us at your next opportunity.