Staying Informed with Breast Implant Resources

At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we encourage our patients to ask questions and be informed about what different surgical options mean for them. And with so many resources out there about plastic surgery – some much more credible than others – we always like to pass along information that can truly be helpful to patients when making decisions about procedures and changes to their bodies.

So when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released a refreshed report about breast implant safety, we wanted to pass along what we thought were a few especially strong resources for breast implant patients, past, present and future.

Questions to Ask Before Having Breast Implant Surgery (FDA)

Breast Implants: Local Complications and Adverse Outcomes (FDA)

(Click here to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Like the FDA, our physicians want women to understand that while breast implants are essentially safe, they can have complications like any surgical procedure, and require attention beyond just the surgical process. Before, during and after any surgery you have with us, we’re communicating with you, and are always ready to discuss your concerns and options. We’re also skilled when it comes to identifying risk factors and selecting the best methods for your unique case.

Our best patients are our most informed patients, so we’re always here to help you stay informed.