Fall Skin Care Cleanup with Kelly Wolff

kelly-wolf-placeholderWith Labor Day weekend behind us, the summer is quickly coming to an end and my patients are beginning to ask me what procedures they should start in the fall to get rid of the accumulated sun damage and clogged pores. I recommend starting off with a mild chemical peel to lightly exfoliate the skin and unclog pores. After your first peel it is recommended to begin using one of our SkinMedica Retinols and skin brightening products like SkinMedica’s Lytera to continue undoing your summer damage. SkinMedica Lytera is a one of our staff favorites here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery for its unbelievable results.

After establishing a consistent skin care regimen at home with products like SkinMedica’s Lytera, retinols and skin brightening, we will begin regular in-office treatments to minimize sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments will include chemical peels, microneedling and Broad Band Light Therapy.
To really jump start your transformation we recommend Sciton Broad Band Light therapy.

ScitonSM_AnAllerganCompany_logo_black’s Broad Band Light or BBL is a pulsed light therapy helps to minimize brown spots and facial veins. Typically a series of 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart is best to improve overall skin tone and texture. Before beginning treatments one must stay out of sun for at least two weeks prior to treatment

Microneedling is used to address fine lines and textural concerns. Microneedling causes a mild injury to the skin which rebuilds the collagen and elasticity to strengthen our skin and minimize wrinkling.

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