Doing Your Research

At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, consultations are always free of charge. Read below for Dr. Finical’s perspective on why this is such an important part of what we offer.

If you’re like us, you find yourself doing research on most choices in your life. You check Yelp and Urbanspoon for reviews of a new restaurant, you get plans and quotes from several contractors for renovations, and you test drive a few models before buying a car. Making a decision about your body should be no different, and even more serious.

That’s why at Charlotte Plastic Surgery we’re proud to offer FREE consultations. You can schedule an appointment with one of our physicians at no obligation to you. We listen to your goals and concerns, explain your options, and give you the best plan of action for your individual needs. That way, you can weigh our approach with others and make the best choice for you, with no financial obligation.

We at Charlotte Plastic Surgery have taken care of thousands of patients. Our highly trained specialists are both experienced and up to date on the latest techniques. We are eager to walk you through our qualifications and your options so that you learn your choices up-front instead of trying to make corrections later.

When you choose plastic surgery, you aren’t just buying a product — you are entrusting your health, welfare, and appearance to another person. You deserve the confidence in knowing your doctor shares your vision. If you are seriously considering plastic surgery, we believe you owe it to yourself to find the right surgeon for you.

Schedule your free consultation today to see how we can help you find that right fit and the confidence you deserve.