One Patient’s TNS Essential Serum Success Story

We were thrilled to get the following note from Jeff Lokant, one of our patients, about how TNS products helped him resolve a lifelong issue with hand dryness. Contact us today to see how TNS and other products we offer can help you.

Jeff Lokant, age 31

For nearly a decade I have been struggling with chronic dry hands. To make matters worse, I have hyperhidrosis (a fancy term for overactive sweat glands). Needless to say, shopping for hand lotion is quite the chore. I think I may have tried them all.

Earlier this year I was introduced to TNS Essential Serum at Charlotte Plastic Surgery for the face/neck and my skin started to literally thirst for it. It’s your all-in-one rock star! While the makers of TNS do not yet carry a hand lotion, I decided to get creative and try out their body lotion as a hand cream.

Bingo! After about six weeks my hands have stopped itching and flaking. As a side benefit, they are starting to look years younger as well.

My regimen:

TNS Body Lotion throughout the day as needed

Small amount of TNS Essential Serum at night

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