Dr. Jack Scheuer Warns About Medical Tourism in Mexico

An interview from WCCB with Dr. Scheuer on March 7, 2023:

The high cost of medical care prompts many to get treatments from nearby countries. Mexico ranks as the second most popular country for people around the world to travel to for low-cost medical procedures. Up to three million people may visit Mexico annually for healthcare. Despite its popularity, medical tourism to Mexico comes with many risks.

This trend of visiting other countries hits close to home for Carolinians. In early March 2023, four Americans, all from South Carolina, were kidnapped during a trip to Matamoros. The woman in the group wanted to get a tummy tuck procedure for a lower cost than she could in the United States. Sadly, the woman in the group was one of two survivors. Authorities found the other two from the group dead.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery’s own Dr. Jack Scheuer spoke with WCCB local news to address the problems of traveling out of the country for any type of medical treatment, including plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.

He cautions people to recognize that when going on medical tourism to Mexico, they may not save money over time. The cost of complications and emergency room visits after the procedure could easily negate the savings of the trip.

Additionally, many medical tourists leave the country where they got the procedure as soon as they can travel with no intention of returning. Therefore, they miss out on vital follow-up visits that look for signs of complications and that the surgical site heals properly.

In a literature review looking at those who had complications from medical tourism, researchers found that infections occurred in just over half (50.9%) of those with complications. Additionally, 36.8% of those with complications needed hospitalization in the States. Plus, 51.8% needed surgical intervention to manage their complications. Many required treatments for two months or longer for their medical tourism side effects.

Aside from physical side effects, such as infections, the cost and hassle of travel also bring dangers. The survivors from the group of four from South Carolina know this too well.

Vetting the surgeon, discussing your expectations, and going to all follow-up appointments can help you to reduce your chances of complications. However, doing these when traveling to another country is difficult, if not impossible.

If you do want plastic surgery to improve your appearance, you can take some steps to get results with fewer chances of complications than if you chose medical tourism mexico plastic surgery. First, Dr. Scheuer recommends that you verify the practitioner’s credentials through one of the following professional groups:

Second, meet with the doctor before the procedure to discuss your expectations. The surgeon will also help you to understand what to expect from the treatment and the healing process.

Finally, one of the most important parts of getting plastic surgery is the time after the procedure. Follow-up visits let the doctor examine you to verify that you are healing properly. If you have any signs of complications, you can get treatment as quickly as possible.

Maintaining follow-up care with a local surgeon can help you to avoid costly complications. Instead of traveling to Mexico for your plastic surgery, visit a reputable, highly qualified practice in your area.

If you need plastic surgery, avoid the options for medical tourism Mexico, or other countries offer. Instead, contact us at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. Our team of doctors has years of experience to ensure that you get the results you want.