Dr. Finical Spotlights the Latest in Sunblock on WCNC!

charlotte plastic surgeryThe summer heat in Charlotte is back, and it’s important to keep in mind that while we may love the outdoors or how we look tan, spending too much time under the sun can lead to serious consequences if you don’t take the right steps to protect your skin. Overexposure to the sun lends itself to sunburn, wrinkling, premature aging of the skin and skin cancer including melanoma.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery’s own Dr. Finical recently met with Dianne Gallagher of WCNC to discuss protecting your skin from sun damage as well as the top products he recommends to his patients. During this segment Dr. Finical also takes time to spotlight a revolutionary new sunblock product only offered at Charlotte Plastic Surgery!

Watch as Dr. Finical’s discussion here:

charlotte plastic surgery