Burning Question: Does CoolSculpting® Tighten Loose Skin?

If you follow the beauty press, you may wonder, “does CoolSculpting tighten loose skin” In short, yes, it might! However, that isn’t the main reason to get CoolSculpting®.

While CoolSculpting® is best known as a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, the beauty press has featured a seemingly unexpected perk. Plastic surgeons, skincare specialists, and patients have noticed that skin often seems more “toned” and tighter after CoolSculpting® treatments. Further research studies support this observation. CoolSculpting® may, in fact, help tighten the skin.

Please remember that this article isn’t a substitute for individual medical or aesthetic care. One key to good results is entering into any procedure with realistic expectations of the kind of results you may see. Still, it helps to understand some of the possibilities. Talk with your skincare specialist to learn more about any cosmetic procedure’s potential benefits, results, and side effects.

What CoolSculpting® Achieves

CoolSculpting destroys pockets of targeted unwanted fat. You may have heard you can’t target specific fat through diet or exercise. That is true; the body releases fat according to your hormonal or genetic tendencies. Some people simply retain more fat in specific areas, and those areas may change with age and hormonal changes. CoolSculpting can “target reduce” many specific body areas and permanently change your proportions.

This isn’t to say that CoolSculpting® is a substitute for fat loss through diet or body recomposition through a mix of diet and strategic workouts. CoolSculpting® is perfect for fine-tuning your results when you are close to your goal weight range. Then maintain your results by following a healthy diet and exercise plan. 

What Causes Loose Skin After Fat Loss

Loose skin associated with significant and fast weight loss generally requires time or a surgical procedure known as a lift to fix the issue. During a lift or a tummy tuck (similar to a lift), a plastic surgeon removes excess skin and redrapes it. Rest assured that fat loss is through.

CoolSculpting® doesn’t result in loose skin since cryolipolysis promotes the growth of healthy collagen fibers, more often contouring the treated area.

How CoolSculpting® May Help With Loose Skin

Some initial research findings and anecdotes show that some notice their skin seems a little tighter after CoolSculpting®.

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, which help maintain tight smooth skin associated with youth. The process of cryolipolysis or freezing fat cells during a CoolSculpting® session may actually stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid resulting in skin tightening.

This isn’t as far-fetched as it may sound since several skin rejuvenation treatments leverage your natural healing process to stimulate the production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. For example, micro-needling and thread lift both do this. It follows that the controlled injury caused by CoolSculpting® may also have mild skin tightening benefits.

A study published in Dermatologic Surgery indicates that CoolSculpting® may help tighten the skin. Anecdotal observation, as well as other studies, support the conclusion that CoolSculpting® helps improve skin texture.

In fact, the FDA cleared CoolSculpting® to address tissue laxity in the chin area and destroy targeted fat cells. This is great news for people who want a non-surgical alternative to help improve the appearance of their chin and lower face by removing some of the fat associated with a double chin and tightening the skin. If we were prone to making puns, we might even say that CoolSculpting® offers a “double treatment” for a double chin.

Further research is still required, and we recommend combining it with other treatments that facilitate skin tightening and rejuvenation. Still, if your primary goal is to lose a little stubborn fat, the added perk of skin tightening is a bonus.

Maximizing Skin Tightening Benefits

If skin tightening is your primary goal, there are other treatments we would recommend over CoolSculpting®. Still, CoolSculpting® can be part of an overall rejuvenation program, especially if you use it to remove fat from your belly, thighs, arms, or jowls.

When combined with an effective skincare routine and other skin rejuvenation treatments, CoolSculpting® may help you look younger and leaner.

Here are a few tips to try when integrating it into your rejuvenation program:

  • Always wear broad-spectrum sunscreen when you go outside throughout the year. This helps reduce UV-caused sun damage, and collagen destruction Prevention is one of the best treatments and will help you maintain your results
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet, including key antioxidants and essential fatty acids, as these help keep skin and other tissues healthy
  • Get enough sleep, ideally around eight hours most nights
  • Ask your skin care specialist for advice on the best products to use. For example, a high-quality vitamin C serum may boost your skin
  • Also, ask which rejuvenation procedures may be right for you. You may find micro-needling, thread lifts, or injectables to receive even more noticeable skin-tightening benefits. Depending on your lifestyle, skin type, health, and the area you want to treat, your options may vary
  • Drink plenty of plain water throughout the day to stay hydrated

Book a consultation with a skincare specialist if you still wonder “does Coolsculpting tighten loose skin”. With so many effective surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures available, the best way to learn your options and choose the right treatments is to first consult with an expert.

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