Take Care of Your Skin—From Springtime into Summertime

What’s the best way to care for your skin? The answer to that question varies not only person by person, but also season by season; as the weather outside changes, the best skin care regimens shift and evolve. So what skin therapy of Charlotte do you need.  Ready on the learn more.

Springtime going into summertime, skincare can be especially tricky. Most of us go straight from the winter dryness into sun exposure, which presents some unique challenges. It is best to begin prepping your skin in the springtime for the summer sun exposure and to sluff off the dead skin from the dry, winter air.

The question is, what are the best products, treatments, and routines to keep your skin looking its best and prep your skin so you can keep a sun-kissed glow all summer? Watch our March webinar with licensed esthetician as she takes you from the basic steps in springtime skin prep for the summer and well into the pro-steps for when your skin needs that extra boost.

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Skincare Tips and Tricks

Timing is Everything

The first point to make about summer skincare is that timing really is of the essence; if you want your skin to look its absolute best for, say, a wedding or other social function, it’s really best to start preparing about three months in advance. This is very important regarding skin therapy in Charlotte.


Meet with a Professional

So where do you start? One recommendation is to meet with a skincare professional, who can advise you on specific steps you can take to make sure your skin is healthy and bright. You can meet with an esthetician at Charlotte Plastic Surgery for a consultation, in which we will:

  • Review your questions or concerns
  • Evaluate your current daily skincare rhythms
  • Discuss not only your skincare goals but also your timeframe
  • Develop a skin care plan that’s tailored to your needs


Consistency is Key

One of the hallmarks of an effective skincare routine is consistency. Being diligent about your skincare—applying the same methods and using the same products daily—helps ensure a bright, even look for “photo opps” and swimsuit season! That’s one reason why getting that personalized skin care plan is so important; it provides you with a daily checklist to which you can adhere.


Get a Baseline

Something else to ask about when you meet with your esthetician is a VISIA assessment—basically, some safe, non-invasive imaging that will provide you with a clear sense of where your skin is right now, and help you monitor and track your skincare results. For those looking to see real improvement to their skin quality, this is an invaluable way to measure your progress. Look for a professional in skin therapy in Charlotte.

VISIA takes three different types of pictures: A standard picture that shows, visibly, what everyone can see on your skin; UV photos, which show deep-down damage; and a polarized photo, which shows what’s just below the surface of your skin, providing a good idea of what you should see in the near future.

VISIA also compares your images with about 100 other women in your age group—providing you and your skin care provider with a good sense of what’s working and what’s not working with your existing skincare routine.


Seek Treatment

As for your actual skincare treatment plan, it’s never a one-size-fits-all proposition. Again, your skin isn’t the same as your neighbor’s, and what works for you may not work for her. With that said, there are certainly a number of painless, healthy, and non-invasive treatments that can provide better skin quality. A few examples of skin therapy in Charlotte include:

  • Facial treatments and peels can exfoliate and even your tone, clearing up acne as well as acne scars. Facials will often brighten the skin, as well—producing some of that healthy, summertime glow!
  • Broadband light (BBL) treatments even out skin tone and offer textural improvement.
  • Microlaser peels are done with a laser and can be either very superficial or quite deep. This is a great treatment for fine lines around the eyes and the mouth, as well as for acne scars. This is a controlled peel that addresses issues a chemical peel won’t affect.
  • Injectables can sometimes be helpful, including Botox and filler, both of which can soften and smooth-out existing lines. Injectables increase volume and contour, and their overall effect is simply to enhance existing features on the face and skin.

Note that these treatments can all be done in the office within just a few minutes, and the downtime associated with them is minor. A skin peel, for example, may come with two to five days of minor skin peeling, but that’s about it. BBL treatment will bring out the brown in your face for two or three days, but makeup can be worn to hide it.


skin care tips and tricks for spring and summer

More About BBL

Another word of two about broadband light therapy: This is a technique that improves the overall tone of the skin by minimizing the appearance of reds and browns—specifically brown spots, facial veins, and diffuse redness. It reverses the visible signs of aging and can be especially beneficial for those who have rosacea. This treatment is often overlooked, but it’s something we recommend you ask your provider about.


Home Treatment

 In-office skin treatments are important, but home care is arguably even more important—which means, of course, that you need to have the best skincare products on hand. Your provider can recommend the best products for your skin type, and also guide you through a consistent skincare regiment. Again, consistency is key; a couple of products, used regularly, will have a much greater impact than 10 products used haphazardly.


Get the Best Skin of Your Life

Summer weather is quickly approaching—so the time to start a skincare routine is now. We invite you to start by reaching out to the skincare professionals at Charlotte Plastic Surgery; we’d love to do a consultation, provide baseline imagine, recommend some specific treatments, and educate you about some potentially useful products.

Learn more about getting your skin summer-ready: Reach out to Charlotte Plastic Surgery today.