Dr. Finical Talks Mobile Apps for Plastic Surgery and The Importance of Seeking a Board Certified Surgeon

charlotte plastic surgeryAre you familiar with the punchline, “There’s an App for that?” It’s becoming a common conversation piece considering that nowadays you can use apps on your mobile device for almost anything, including to find a plastic surgeon. But how reliable are mobile apps when it comes to ensuring every step of your journey is led by a true Board Certified plastic surgeon? We invite you to embrace this question when it comes time for you to do your “homework” before your journey can begin. Apps help make the process of searching for a plastic surgeon easier, but an in-person consultation where you can truly express your expectations and complete a physical examination is an absolute must.

Dr. Finical recently joined Michelle Boudin of WCNC to discuss the use of apps when looking for a plastic surgeon, and the absolute importance of working with a Board Certified surgeon. When you come to Charlotte Plastic Surgery, you come to a place where your safety is our main concern – period. Please take a moment to learn from Dr. Finical’s segment on WCNC by clicking the station logo below:

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