Breast Augmentation / Lift

Breast Augmentation / Lift Before & After Photos

Breast Augmentation / Lift

  • PROCEDURE(s):Breast Lift with Augmentation
  • REASON FOR CHOOSING PROCEDURE:Patient unhappy with deflated appearance of breasts after having and breast feeding children.
  • RESULTS/BENEFITS:Excess skin was removed, the nipple areolar complex reduced, the nipple repositioned, and implants placed to create a more youthful breast contour
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What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation and augmentation mammoplasty are just two names for what’s basically the exact same procedure. This surgery involves putting saline or silicone implants into the breast to boost size, form and volume.

Who is breast augmentation for?

Healthy individuals that are at least 18 years old can opt for saline implants, however they’re not qualified for silicone until they turn 22.

Breast augmentation is mainly for women who aspire to increase the total size and volume of their breasts. The process can also be beneficial to patients that need shape or volume enhancements.

What is the outcome of breast augmentation?

The final result is dependent upon a number of factors, including the size, form and material you select for your implants in addition to your general body shape. On the other hand, the overall result of breast augmentation is fuller breasts that are more symmetrical and more attractive in the nude and in your clothes.

The majority of women report that their clothes fit and feel better, and several feel a lasting increase for their self-confidence.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift may or may not involve the use of implants. During a mastopexy, the surgeon excises the extra breast skin and tissue to tighten and lift the breast. This provides your breasts a more natural shape and enhances any sagging, drooping, and fixes any asymmetry you might have because of factors like age, pregnancy or health issues.

Who is a breast lift candidate?

Breast lifts are beneficial to ladies that are trying to revive some of the youthfulness of their breasts. Since lifting the breast will remove excess skin and tissue, a breast lift can provide a very natural appearance and contour.


What are the results of a breast lift?

The final result of a breast lift is considerably more subtle and more natural in relation compared to a breast augmentation surgery. But it won’t increase the fullness of your breasts or improve your cup size — this is something only breast implants can accomplish. To do that, many patients require both a breast lift and breast augmentation, and it continues to be a popular option for women to have both a breast augmentation surgery and breast lift together.

Women who’ve had kids often benefit the most out of this joint procedure due to the substantial changes their bodies experienced during and following pregnancy. It is typical for mothers to undergo a loss of form and volume after giving birth and breastfeeding. Women who wish to grow the volume and perkiness of the breasts are ideal candidates to get a lift with augmentation.

It can be tricky to understand precisely which process or combination of processes will allow you to achieve your aesthetic goals. Consulting with an expert, board-certified plastic surgeon can allow you to make that decision, and get a realistic idea about what results can be accomplished, and also tailor a solution that is specific to your personal shape and body and goals.

Whether you decide on breast augmentation, either a very simple breast lift or some combo of the two, you can feel confident in knowing that you’ll be on the road to feeling and looking your absolute best.


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