Improve the size or shape of your nose.


Thousands of individuals each year choose rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to change the appearance of their noses. But in addition to aesthetic benefits, rhinoplasty can have a tremendous impact on self-esteem.

Reshaping the nose may involve reducing or increasing the size, removing a hump, changing the shape of the tip or bridge, narrowing the nostril span or changing the angle between the nose and upper lip. Incisions are often made inside the nostril or base of the nose, allowing the cartilage and bone to be sculpted into the desired form.

Here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, our experienced surgeons and nurses at our Charlotte and Ballantyne locations are available to talk with you about your options and the results you can expect.

Surgical Overview

  • Length: 1-2 hours or more.
  • Anesthesia: Usually asleep.
  • In/outpatient: Outpatient.
  • Side effects: Temporary swelling, bruising around eyes and nose, headaches, some bleeding and stuffiness.
  • Risks: With any surgery, risks such as infection and blood clot exist. Our surgeons will always talk with you about potential risks specific to your procedures in your consultation. Other risks may include incomplete improvement, requiring additional surgery.
  • Recovery: Most patients spend the first 24 hours with their head elevated on a pillow. Swelling and bruising around the eyes are common for the first few days but can be reduced with cold compresses. Within one week, all dressings, splint and sutures are removed.
  • Duration of results: Permanent.


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